Forum Outline - Practical VAT in the UAE, Tuesday, November 21, 2017
08.30  Registration
09.30  Introduction to VAT:
- Why have VAT
- Understanding the scope of VAT in five easy steps
o Who are you supplying? B2B or B2C
o What are you supplying? Goods or Services
o Where are you supplying it? Place of supply rules
o When are you supplying it? Timing and tax points
o Why are you supplying it? Business/Non-Business
09.50  Impact of VAT
- VAT Rates, Reliefs and Exemptions
- Input tax credit
o Recoverability and restrictions
o The importance of documentation
10.10  Designated Zones
- Governmental
- Private
o VAT and Duty suspension and relief
o AEO status
10.30  Refreshments
11.00  Guest Panel – Sector Analysis and Scenarios
- Retail
- General Trading & Distribution
- F & B
11.30  Meeting your Compliance and Reporting Obligations
- IT Implementation, VAT Reporting and Review
- Audit
- Penalties for errors and non-compliance
12.00  Guest Panel – Sector Analysis and Scenarios
- Real Estate
- Healthcare
- Financial Services
12.30  Q & A
13.00  Luncheon